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Measure the effect of development efforts with a performance remeasurement


Measure the effect of development efforts with a performance remeasurement

Reassessment Develop or HFM360®

Has the training had an effect? Which steps have my employees now taken? Which competencies are more developed than a year ago? In which competencies should my employees still make steps? HFMtalentindex 2.0 now enables you to do a performance remeasurement.

A year ago your employees did a Develop of HFM360®. From that report it has clearly emerged what the development points or growth opportunities were concerning the functioning of the various employees. As a result, every employee has drawn up a personal development plan (with or without the help of the Interactive Development Compass). Subsequently, the employees set to work developing specific competencies through training or coaching. Often this is where it stops. That is frustrating for the employee: ‘I’ve followed innumerable training courses and no one has asked me about them! Where does that leave me now?’ That’s a pity for the organisation. Everyone has spent time on development, but there is often insufficient time and energy to follow it up. It is a difficult situation for HR: how can I measure whether all development efforts have had an effect and then direct or adjust? In which competencies has the employee been able to improve and which competencies show no improvement? How do I keep continuity in the process?

Remeasuring Develop of HFM360®

By carrying out Develop or HFM360® again with exactly the same competency profile, you will see at a glance which competencies are more developed compared with a year ago and exactly where an employee has made steps in his or her development. You will also see where there is still an effort to be made. It will become clear which development efforts have had an effect, but also which haven’t. In this way you will continue to identify the development of your employees while keeping an overview of the effectiveness of their behaviour, and therefore the effectiveness of a department or organisation.

If you would like a further overview of the effectiveness of your employees but at group level, please go to Talent Analytics.


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