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MAP Essence

Quickly and efficiently screen which candidates suit your organisation

  • Designed for large groups of candidates
  • Screening for personality traits
  • Results within 12 minutes

Find the right person

Many applicants for just one vacancy? Stop wasting time screening large numbers of resumes. MAP Essence helps by quickly sorting the suitable candidates from the unsuitable candidates. This short personality test immediately shows how candidates score on service-orientation and to what extent they have a professional attitude. Fast and reliable. Results within 12 minutes.

Screening for personality traits

MAP Essence uses screening algorithms to measure how service-oriented candidates are and to what extent they have a professional attitude. One algorithm measures service-orientation. The other algorithm measures integrity (professional attitude) and shows how cooperative, stress-resistant and accurate candidates are. You can easily rank the test results in the system. Clear and simple.

Quick and efficient

With MAP Essence screening, you can streamline and shorten your recruitment process significantly. You will quickly know who meets the basic conditions you have set for this vacancy. Replace the resume and motivational letter with a short personality test to separate the wheat from the chaff. How much does a resume really say about a person's qualities? And how important is someone's resume for a position in the hospitality industry, at a call centre, behind the cash register or as a conductor or mail deliverer? After all, service-orientation and a professional attitude are paramount in these types of roles.

Fair recruitment process

When recruiting candidates, it's easy to focus primarily on experience. Just because someone has worked in a retail store before doesn't necessarily mean that they are more service-oriented than others. By using a personality test, you meet all the candidates who are in fact very service-oriented, not just the people who have worked in a service-oriented environment before.

When and how do I use MAP Essence?

Use MAP Essence early in the recruitment process to make a quick selection between suitable and unsuitable candidates in an objective and non-discriminatory way. By testing all candidates, everyone is treated equally, regardless of previous work experience, gender, age or background.

The test result immediately shows which candidates have the crucial qualities necessary to perform well in the position. Unsuitable candidates are immediately eliminated. This means that you will only meet candidates who qualify on your basic criteria. This allows you to focus on other matters during an interview, such as whether someone fits in the team or matches with the organisational culture.

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