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Online career assessment

  • Complete online career assessment
  • Insight into competencies, motivations and intere
  • Career advice guidance

Career advice guidance

With the FutureMe by HFMtalentindex, you give your employees a tool when choosing a career step that corresponds with their qualities, motivations and interests. The FutureMe integrates all the psychological information to provide clear and transparent career advice.

Insight into talents

The FutureMe not only reveals what career direction best suits your employee, but also clearly shows why. The report provides insight into competencies, motivations and interests.

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Employees perform best when their work corresponds with their strengths and motivations. The FutureMe establishes the work fields that suit them best. All relevant characteristics - interests, motivations and potential - are taken into account in combined recommendations. You can therefore be certain that your people receive reliable and well-founded advice.

Choose the most suitable direction

The FutureMe encourages your employee to take action themselves. The report offers concrete suggestions in the form of appropriate work fields and positions.

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People who are excited by their work are more productive and have more job satisfaction.

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