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Leadership Assessment

An objective picture of management talent

  • A test providing objective insight into management
  • Clarity on underperformance risks
  • Insight into aptitude for the most relevant leader

Find your future leaders

The Management Potential Index (MPI) by HFMtalentindex offers you an objective gauge to judge which employees or job applicants are made from the right stuff for management. The report reveals at a glance whether an employee possesses the required qualities. The MPI assesses six core competencies which every manager should have and additionally tests three leadership styles: directing, coaching and entrepreneurial.

Objective aptitude tests

The MPI is based on the HFMtalentindex personality assessment, a comprehensive validated test based on the Big Five model. Your online assessment system translates the results of this test automatically to the candidate’s aptitude for relevant management competencies. This conversion is underpinned by scientific research and the extensive practical experience of HFM’s organisational psychologists, producing a reliable picture of your candidates’ leadership qualities. The report may be read without any prior knowledge, but it presents a concrete picture. Although no psychologist jargon is used, it is well founded, objective and accurate.

Managers who can manage

You want to be certain that you select the right candidate to fill a management position. The MPI shows whether the candidate has the necessary management competencies and which management style suits the candidate. The MPI steers the development of future managers by providing insight into their strengths and weaknesses. If one of your employees is hoping for a management position, the MPI will reveal whether that employee is suitable leadership material. The MPI guides the employee’s career along the right path.

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