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Learning Agility Indicator

Focus on Learning Agility in selection

  • Select learning-agile people
  • Rapid insight into learning ability
  • Create an agile organisation

Rapid insight into Learning Agility

Learning Agility predicts work success. You need people who have the qualities, now and in the future, to help the organisation move forward. This might be in an existing position or in a role that will be created in the future. Learning-agile people are interested and self-critical, can effectively manage new complex situations, can create focus and are open to others. They will learn more quickly in changing situations.

Concrete information

With the Learning Agility Indicator, you can easily see whether someone can quickly develop new effective behaviour, based on new experiences. You get concrete information about someone's agility in potential and ambition. Besides a clear Learning Agility total score, you also get insight into the scores on the various dimensions: Change Agility, Mental Agility, People Agility, Results Agility and Self-Awareness.

Create an agile organisation

By selecting learning-agile people, you immediately improve the agility of the organisation. Learning Agility directly contributes to High Performance, now and in the future.


Learning Agility is measured in four dimensions and one transcendent factor: Self-Awareness, which affects the scores on the dimensions

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