Identify what drives your team

  • It’s quick, cost-effective and efficient
  • Insight into what drives a team
  • Optimise the teamwork dynamic

Use their motivations to get the most out of your team

Do you know what drives your team? Get insight into the distribution of preferred roles. TeamDrives identifies a team’s motivations. It’s quick, cost-effective and efficient. Specially developed for HR professionals and managers who want to raise the calibre of their team’s performance. Arrange a meeting to talk with your team.

Get insight into your team

Has your team run out of steam? Find out where the team is struggling. Are there too many drivers in your team? Is no one focusing on the result? Or perhaps you have a team full of initiators! TeamDrives can help you find out where the pitfalls lie. This goal-oriented team assessment is also ideal for teams that are just starting out. Use TeamDrives to analyse your new team’s structure. This ensures that you don’t just have someone who comes up with new ideas; you’ll also have someone who comes up with a plan. Get insight into the distribution of the roles. Having everyone in the right place makes teamwork more enjoyable and your work more effective.

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Input for a meeting

You’ll get a clear overview of the team’s motivations and preferred roles. Downloadable as a PowerPoint, so it can serve as input for a meeting with your team. What aspects of teamwork are going well? What is not going so well? How can you strengthen the team dynamic? TeamDrives gives your team session input you can work with.

Would you like a more complete picture of your team?

TeamDrives focuses specifically on what drives a team. That means this assessment isn’t about skills or individual scores. But is that something you would like to focus on so you can get a complete picture of the qualities of each individual and the team? TeamsDNA® combines various individual assessment results into an integrated team result with an explanation. What’s more, each team member can download an overview of his or her individual result. Click here to visit TeamsDNA®.

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