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Learning Agility & Remote leadership

Learning Agility

Learning Agility & Remote leadership

Learning Agility as focus for Remote Leadership

With many organisations currently working from home due to the coronavirus measures, remote leadership is obviously a hot topic. It is particularly important to provide appropriate support to people who are not used to working from home. As a supervisor, how do you do that? Is there an ideal remote leader? That very much depends on what your team looks like and the targets you need to achieve. Remote working offers challenges and opportunities, for both employees and supervisors.

Learning Agility as focus for Remote Leadership

As a supervisor, how do you keep the team together remotely? You are continually encountering things that now need to be done differently and people's varying responses. Knowing someone's Learning Agility can help you as their supervisor. How does someone learn in this situation? In a new situation, someone with a low score for Change Agility approaches things differently than someone with a high score. 

Learning Agility & Remote leadership - Coaching tips for effective remote leadership

Learning Agility & Remote Leadership

This mini booklet ‘Learning Agility & Remote leadership’ provides coaching tips for each Learning Agility dimension, subdivided into lower or higher score, to help you in your remote leadership. 

Download the booklet ‘Learning Agility & Remote leadership’.


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