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9 benefits of using personality tests in recruitment

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9 benefits of using personality tests in recruitment

How much do a resume and motivationletter really say about a person?

When you hire a new employee, it is good to know early on what kind of person is in front of you. Turn the hiring process upside down and bring in the personality tests sooner. What do you gain doing this? You'll find candidates who are not only very driven but who also possess the right qualities. After all, the one with the strongest resume isn't necessarily the best fit for the job.

Away with traditional recruitment

Half of all recruitment decisions are based on unnecessarily high requirements, such as a lot of work experience or certain education requirements. The problem is that experience and education only tell you what the person has done in the past, but very little about how they will perform. So what should you do? Lower the requirements in your job posting and test everyone interested in the position.

Then, you target the ones that best fit the role. This leads to better decision-making and higher suitability of the final candidates compared to traditional recruitment. Moreover, you save a lot of time, as finding the right person can take up to 60% less time.

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A personality test gives a clearer picture of the applicant

The traditional selection process starts with a resume and cover letter, but this only gives you a very limited and obscure picture of the person. For example, many call themselves ambitious, structured and curious - but what is actually hidden behind those words?

The Select, which gives a complete picture of a person, clearly shows what distinguishes Lisa and Michel and who is most suitable for the specific role. Another advantage is that the information from the test can be part of a development plan so that both you and your new employee get the best out of each other.

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9 benefits of personality testing in recruitment

1.Easier to find the right match

Personality tests make it easier to match the right person to the right job. It draws a picture of the real person, which is often much more important than a lot of working experience or a certain type of education. A person's resume does not show how well he or she will perform in the future.

2. Save time

It is both quick to take the test and to get the result, which saves time for everyone.

3. Leads to concrete feedback

It is easy to give the candidates clear and concrete feedback about both the test and the selection process, regardless of whether they proceed to the next round or not.

4. Flexible for applicants

Candidates can take a test when it suits them and be considered for the position remotely. They do not have to take time off for a job interview on location, for example.

5. Offers equal conditions

A standardised recruitment process eliminates prejudice and gives all applicants who meet the requirements equal conditions, regardless of their background.

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6. Lays the foundation for a development plan

The information from the personality test can be used to lay the foundation for a development plan that helps the employee to do their job as well as possible.

7. Find the right person for the job

The personality tests find candidates who would otherwise be lost. Lower the traditional demands of experience and education, and dare to invest in the personality that best fits the role.

8. Leads to more well-being

Personality testing reduces the chance of incorrect recruitment, which leads to greater well-being and less absenteeism.

9. Good addition for the interview

A personality test is a good base for a job interview. Past behavior combined with the candidate's likely personality gives a good idea of ​​how the person will behave in similar situations in the future.


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