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Competency Profiler

Easily compile the right competency profiles

  • Compile competency profiles online
  • Completed by everyone involved in 30 minutes
  • Focus on the right professional competencies

Compile competency profiles as an organisation

HFMtalentindex’s online Competency Profiler enables you to unequivocally determine the competencies required according to position within your organisation.

Produce a complete competency profile in 30 minutes

Several people concerned who have experience with the position in question – employees, managers and board members – each give their view about the behaviour required for the position. This results in an unequivocal and clear competency profile.

A clear report

The Competency Profiler automatically combines the answers of all the respondents into a concise and clear report. The competency profiles can immediately be used in HFMtalentindex’s assessment tools.

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