Talent Scan.png

Talent Scan

Personal talents become clearly visible

  • Insight into personal talents
  • Concrete tips for development for every talent
  • Make employees aware of their qualities

Increase self-knowledge

The Talent Scan is an accessible development tool to help you encourage employees to work on their development. Development starts with self-insight. This is provided by the Talent Scan – but then it’s up to the employee. The development plan helps the employee to identify the most important challenges and links actual actions to them.

Revealing personal resources

The Talent Scan provides clear insight into a person’s talent. Each talent also includes the pitfalls, challenges and tips to harness your talent to best effect.

Development based on personal resources

Once an employee has complete insight into his own talents, he will be able to put those talents to better use and apply them to better effect at work. The employee learns how his talents can be put to the best possible use.

Talent Scan (EN)

Your talents, pitfalls and challenges.

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