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How to create a good competency profile

Selection and Recruitment

How to create a good competency profile

Create support by using all input from stakeholders in a fast and efficient manner.

A good competency profile is at the base of an effective selection, assessment or development procedure. It sets the standard for the employee's performance level, creating a frame of reference. Putting together a good competency profile is not easy. Often a shared vision and, more importantly, support within the organisation is missing.

The success of an organisation depends on the performance of its employees. High performance depends on employees having the right talent to do the work, but also that they are motivated and continue to develop. Before you can even determine whether an employee has the right talent or in which areas there is still room for development, you must know which competencies make the difference between an excellent and an average employee.


A competency profile describes the most important skills that make a successful employee. The competency profile must:

  • be based on the content of the position;
  • only use decisive competencies;
  • contain approximately 8 competencies.
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It is very important that a competency profile is correct. You need a frame of reference for both selection and development. But how do you put a complete and clear competency profile together? The competency profile must be a good reflection of what is really important in the position and what is distinctive for that specific role.

In order to draw up a competency profile, it is necessary for several people with first-hand knowledge of the relevant position, and to think about how to fill it. One must agree on what is important for the role, as well as what the most important task areas and competencies are.


In order to create an unambiguous picture of the position that all those involved agree with, so-called profiling sessions are often used. These are meetings that are led or supervised by an HR employee or an external advisor. In a profiling session, several people (supervisors, colleagues, people who do currently do the job in question) come together to discuss which skills someone should have to be able to do the job. Because all stakeholders have provided input, you create support for the further roll-out of a competency profile. The major disadvantage of these physical meetings is that they take up an enormous amount of time and energy.


HFMtalentindex/Assessio has developed an online HR tool for compiling competency profiles. You go through the same structured steps in the Competency Profiler as in the classic profiling session. Several people involved with the position complete the Competency Profiler and answer open questions about the position:

  • What results must be delivered within this position?
  • What executive duties does someone who fulfills this position have?
  • What knowledge and experience does someone need in order to fulfill this position?
  • Which competencies are part of this?
  • What goals does the position achieve through the behavior resulting from these competencies?

Increased support

The Competency Profiler quickly and efficiently collects essential information from multiple stakeholders within the organisation. Because you use the input of all these people, you increase support for the ultimately chosen competency profile. When all participants have completed the questionnaire, the output is often discussed, resulting in a jointly defined definitive profile.

Need help creating a competency profile?

Are you looking for a way to create more support for competency profiles? Is your organisation not yet using a tool to draw up a competency profile, but would you like to? Or would you like more information about the online HR tool the 'Competency Profiler'? Our advisors are happy to help. Call us on +31 85 401 50 55 or fill in this form.


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