Selection and Recruitment

90% of our clients find the right talent with a selection assessment

Objectively measure whether your candidate fits your organisation

HFMtalentindex's online selection assessments offer you insight into the competencies, cognitive ability, motivators and Learning Agility of candidates. This will give you a complete and objective answer into candidates' suitability and organisational fit.

  • Customised competency profiles to assess job fit
  • Insight for candidate and organisation
  • Direct input for onboarding and development
  • unbiased

Measuring is knowing

NEW TalentGO - extra insight for every candidate

The TalentGO is a short report that you can give as a gift during a selection assessment. It provides an overview of a candidate's personal strengths, with tips on how these talents can be used and specific questions for reflection.

Give a candidate extra insight into their own talents during a selection procedure. Use the TalentGO as an add-on to the Select, regardless of the position. The candidate does not need to complete any additional tests.


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