Manage your own online assessments.

HFMtalentindex offers you a wide range of assessment products at your fingertips, providing rapid access to integrated reports on competencies, intelligence, learning agility and motivations. You can identify where the talent is and how it can develop. That is how you benefit more from talent.


Continuously keep development on the agenda

HFMtalentindex provides user-friendly development instruments that enable you to rapidly identify growth opportunities. Employees manage their own development using their own e-portfolios and the management team receives clear reports that are easy to read. That is how you benefit more from talent.


Base your business strategy on performance

HFMtalentindex helps you to focus your people’s (individual and collective) talent on your organisation’s objectives. What is the optimal blend of talent? The tests and tools will provide rapid insights. You compose the success profiles, receive feedback and build winning teams. That is how you benefit more from talent.


Keep a grip on your organisation's objectives

HFMtalentindex keeps you posted in real time on the position of the talent of your people, your teams and your organisation. The dashboards present a complete and in-depth view of the qualities and development needs of your people. You can read the analyses at group level and compare groups. That is how you benefit more from talent.


Online Assessment System
What are you looking for?
What is your goal
This product is for you:
Online Assessment on demand
With an intake and advice from an expert
  • For selection, development and mobility
  • Easy arranged online
  • A personal and meticulous approach
  • With advice to guide your decision
Online career assessment
Learning Agility GO
Develop your Learning Agility
  • Assessment and development module in one
  • Focus on increasing Learning Agility
  • Insight into learning ability and growth potential
  • Concrete personalised tips
Online Team Assessment
  • Direct insight into team qualities
  • Ideal input for team sessions
  • Combined assessment results
  • Including Quick Guide, information and tips
Team Creator
Forming effective teams
  • Form your own (multidisciplinary) teams
  • Increase team effectiveness
  • Compare the performance of your teams
  • Find out how agile your teams are
  • Fully online, immediately clear analyses
Learning Agility Scan
Are your employees ready for the future?
  • First validated Learning Agility Scan in Europe
  • Increases the agility of your employees
  • Insight into the organisation’s learning ability
  • Accurate predictor of high potentials and management talent
  • Can be completed entirely online, report available immediately
Measure capacities
Online Selection Assessment
Get immediate and clear selection advice from the Select
  • Complete online selection assessment center in 90 minutes
  • Results for specific competency profiles
  • Complete picture of strengths and weaknesses
  • Including easy-to-use selection queries.
Online Development Assessment
Those who don't develop, are standing still
Learning Agility - HR analytics
Make your organisation agile
  • Analyse your organisation’s agility
  • Accelerate your organisation’s development
  • Increase the agility of teams
  • Strategically aim for agility

EN Overall picture Learning Agility

Understanding motivations
Knowing the values that determine the behaviour of your employees
Dashboard People Qualities
Team analyses: overview of the qualities of your entire workforce

Profile fit en

Talent analytics voorkeursrollen en

9-grid en

Talent Scan
Personal talents become clearly visible
Personal e-portfolio
Individual qualities dashboard
Directing Performance
Insight into employees’ potential and performance
Interactive Development Plan
Let's grow!
Dashboard Development Issues
Team development: make use of the development opportunities in teams

Ontwikkelmatrix Engels

Develop issues

Competency Management
Comprehensible and clear
Determine Success Factors
Scientifically predict success
Competency Assessment
Online Competency Assessment System
Personality Assessment
Rapid assessment of candidates’ personalities
An objective picture of management talent
Online Leadership Assessment
Competency Profiler
Easily compile the right competency profiles
360 degrees Feedback
HFM360® for management of online 360 degrees feedback
An objective picture of sales talent
Online assessment of commercial qualities
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